Depending on your unique smile needs, our dentist and team may recommend that you get a tooth extraction. Although we typically prefer to restore teeth rather than extract them, there are instances where restoration isn’t ideal. Dr. Todd M. Roby performs both adult and child tooth extractions in Longmont, Colorado.


The need for an extraction on an adult is different from that of a child’s tooth extraction. For adults, our team may recommend that you get an extraction of you have a severe infection that has destroyed the tooth and supporting bone structure. We also may remove the tooth if there has been decay at an extreme level that damaged the tooth beyond the point of restoration. Crowding of the teeth is another reason for extraction.


For kids, it is perfectly normal to lose teeth, especially when the child is young and losing baby teeth. Tooth extraction may also be recommended for children with extreme tooth decay. We may recommend that the child lose a baby tooth if the tooth is blocking the proper development of adult teeth. It can also be done in cases of orthodontic care, damage, trauma or infection.

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