By using our intraoral scanner, our dentist and team can reduce the amount of time you spend in the dental chair and can make your appointments more comfortable. One of the ways we use the intraoral scanner is to take precise impressions of your mouth in a very comfortable way.

How Does It Work?

If you have ever had impressions taken of your teeth, you know how uncomfortable it can be. Traditional impressions are messy and use a gooey substance to get a mold of your smile, which often leads to discomfort and frustration for the patient. With digital impressions, Dr. Todd M. Roby can measure your smile in a fast, comfortable and non-invasive way. This tool is especially beneficial for patients who gag easily, as the scanner can be removed from your mouth if you become uncomfortable. We can then resume the process quickly.

The entire process of using digital impressions is very fast, with the patient being able to get a measurement of their smile in a mere matter of minutes.

Why Would I Need Impressions?

Our team would use digital impressions in Longmont, Colorado, in the event that you require a complex treatment. We can use the scanner to precisely measure your smile for dental crowns, bridges and dentures. Additionally, we can use the scanner to measure your smile for aligners, night guards and sports mouth guards.

To see the benefits of this tool in action, call our office at 303-776-2020 for an appointment.