Our dentist and team take dental diagnostics seriously, which is why we use intraoral cameras in Longmont, Colorado. The intraoral camera is one of the most exciting diagnostic tools we have at our office and for good reason.

What Is an Intraoral Camera?

This tool is a small, pen-shaped device that takes high-quality color photos of your smile and projects them onto a screen in the treatment room. Dr. Todd M. Roby really likes this tool because it allows our team to see angles of your smile that aren’t easily visible to the unaided eye. It can help us evaluate your oral health and diagnose dental problems that you may be facing.

An intraoral camera can also help you as a patient to understand your oral health and dental treatments. It can be difficult to envision what needs to be done with your smile when those aspects cannot be seen visually. The intraoral camera breaks down that barrier, allowing you to see your teeth in high-definition and plan what needs to be done to improve your oral health.

Additionally, we can send these images to various specialists to provide you with exceptional care. Schedule your appointment with Dr. Todd M. Roby at 303-776-2020. We look forward to meeting you!